Forestry and Environmental Management

Dr. Benson Nwajiobi


Welcome Message

The aim of the B.FOREM degree programme of the department is to serve as a center of training and excellence in forestry, wildlife and environmental resources conservation and management. The training which the Department offers to undergraduate students, farmers, rural communities and NGOs aims to optimize trainees’ abilities for self-employment and entrepreneurship in food, feed and Fibre (wood) production, in a sustainably conserved and managed environment.

The training is open to qualified citizens of Nigeria, Africa and the world. Through our research and training activities, we aim sensitize communities in the south-eastern agro-ecological zone of Nigeria, to the need for sustainable management to ensure continued productivity and ecological stability of forests, local wildlife populations, agro foresty plants, and other living resources of ecologic-economic importance in the area. This multifaceted approach aims to satisfy the emerging IQ demands of modern day employers, as well as facilitate the students’ specialist managerial and scientific skills that instill self-confidence in handling matters relating to management and conservation of forest resources.

The programme is currently undergoing review with a view to incorporating aspects of the current knowledge of the science of climate change and sustainable development into the B.FOREM Programme.