Forestry and Environmental Management

Dr. Benson Nwajiobi


Welcome Message

You are welcome to the Department of Forestry and Environmental Management (FOREM), MOUAU, one of the foremost centers of nature management and conservation in Nigeria. Our programmes and curriculum are designed for world-class training and excellence in forestry, wildlife and environment management and conservation. It offers undergraduates, postgraduates, farmers, communities and NGOs the cutting edge skills and competencies to optimize their abilities and efficiencies for governmental, industrial and self employment or entrepreneurship in food, fibre (wood) and feed production and associated enterprises in a sustainable and environmentally wholesome manner.

Through our research and training activities, we also sensitize communities and people to the need and principles for sustainable forest, biodiversity and environment management and conservation to enhance stability and productivity of ecological, agro-ecological and other living resources. This multifaceted approach equips our students and trainees with state-of-the-art skills and competencies to satisfy emerging demands of modern day employers and development partners. It also facilitates the students’ scientific skills, specialist managerial and self-confidence in handling matters and dealing with all issues relating to the management and conservation of forest, wildlife and environment resources.

Our programmes and trainings are open to interested members of the global community. Join us in making the earth, people and places more… beautiful!