Okey Alum-Udensi brings extensive industry experience in fisheries to academia. His experience in freshwater and marine fisheries encompasses design/installation of fish holding facilities, and breeding of both aquaculture and ornamental fish species


He holds a BSc. in Fisheries(MOUAU). M.Sc. Environmental Management (AAU), PgD in Biotechnology (Essex) and PhD in Fisheries and Hydrobiology (MOUAU). His PhD research focused on aspects of the biology and conservation of Fontitrygon garouaensis of the River Niger. He started his career at the National Biotechnology Development Agency, Abuja as a Scientific Officer from where he moved to the United Kingdom. He has worked with Scottish Seafarms, Stirling Scotland, The Crayford Aquarium (PAH), Kent and The Aquatic Design Center London, UK. He was the Projects Director of Nature Nurture Intl. Abuja, before joining Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. He has been involved in offshore cage culture of Atlantic salmon and has kept over 100 ornamental fish species and bred several dozens of fish species including seahorses (Hippocampus kuda). He has been involved in the design and installation of over 1,000 jumbo aquariums and aquatic research systems (freshwater/marine). He has been at the forefront of rejuvenating the aquarium industry in Nigeria by encouraging fish keeping as pets and has installed some of the most sophisticated sustainable aquariums in the country. He believes the industry has great potential to create jobs and build wealth. He has also been involved fish farm design development and management as a consultant. Okey Alum-Udensi has been carrying out research on the ecology and conservation of the less studied freshwater elasmobranchs and fish species of ornamental interest. He aims to better understand elasmobranchs in relation to their environment and the science to support their sustainable management and conservation.  He is a member of Institute of Fisheries Management, United Kingdom and Fisheries Society of Nigeria. He is currently a Lecturer with the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management. 


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